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Disengaged reveals a comically raw look at relationships, love and the institution of marriage through the eyes of a cynical, yet hopeless romantic. Follow Efthimios Nasiopoulos’ hilariously painful account of his two failed wedding engagements as he relives memories of writing his first love letter at 8 years old, disastrous proposals, even more disastrous breakups, one stolen cat and the lessons learned.


Efthimios Nasiopoulos – Self Titled Album


Comedy Records is proud to announce the release of the debut, self-titled album from Efthimios Nasiopoulos. Recorded in his hometown of Toronto, the LP features Nasiopoulos sharing his adventures as a reluctant bachelor in front of a sold out crowd at Absolute Comedy.

Efthimios Nasiopoulos’ towering physical presence and charm has captivated audiences across North America and has been featured at the Hubcap Comedy Festival in Moncton and CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He’s appeared multiple times on the Comedy Network, Bite TV, MTV Canada and can be heard on Sirius XM Radio.

Efthimios Nasiopoulos is available digitally, worldwide through Comedy Records on January 6, 2017.


Efthimios is from Toronto, ON. Growing up in a blue collar family and living in a multi-cultural city, gave Efthimios his first influences as a comedian. His comedy gives us a hysterical insight into human nature and tears down many social conventions we take for granted. While using his acerbic wit and charm, he is able to take audiences to places further than they had expected. This summer he will be debuting his one man show ‘Disengaged at the Montreal Fringe Festival to be followed by the Toronto Fringe Festival. He’s also performed at JFL northwest, the Hubcap comedy festival, CBC’s The Winnipeg Comedy Festival and CBC’s LOL. You can hear him on Sirius XM where he’s released his first album ‘Efthimios’. It is available on ITunes. 

He currently resides in Vancouver BC.