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Made from the finest Arabica beans not available in better coffees….

What happens when a dangerous crime boss decides to leave his life of greed, money and murder (no convictions) behind? He decides to give back by doling out advice and warnings while sharing what he’s learned, living in the fast lane. ’To make an omelette, you must break some eggs, to make a good man, you must break some legs’

How to get blood out of a shirt?

Sometimes when you are working and in a rush, you may get blood, never yours if you’re good, on your shirt. Avoid going to the cleaners and use Tide to go or some baking soda and ginger ale…or work harder and have many shirts. Problem solved. 

Taking jewellery off a hand you’ve chopped off.

You don’t always have time to take the rings off the hand of the man you’ve just liberated from this planet…take his hand with you. Rub the fingers with coconut oil and slide it off. Then clean it…..

Making the perfect drink.

Pour whiskey in the glass…drink it. You’re welcome

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